Introduction to Chelsea Petersen

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Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I wanted to write this first post to introduce myself and let you know a few things to look forward to from this blog.

First off, I am Chelsea. I grew up in Cache Valley (Logan), Utah on a small hobby farm. Growing up on a farm taught me a lot of hard work and dedication. These attributes propelled me to complete both my undergraduate and Master’s degree at Utah State University in a combined 5 years of school. Upon graduation, my husband and I moved to Connecticut to complete his doctorate program in Physical Therapy. We were just 45 minutes outside of downtown Manhattan and boy oh boy did we learn a lot. Being so far from home for both of us we learned to rely on each other. We learned to appreciate wide open spaces, the mountains, and diversity in humans.

While out in Connecticut I worked mostly for government agencies that assisted youth and their families. One program I worked with was the New Haven Juvenile Justice System and the juveniles involved in the court system. Much of the time was helping the families learn how to support these youth, as well as to stay out of the court systems themselves. The other program that I worked with was associated with Yale University and focused on providing support to families and youth with mental illness ranging from mild anxiety to low functioning autism to unmanageable bi-polar disorder.

Although I enjoyed my work with youth and families, my true passion has always been helping couples manage the ups and downs of their relationship. I have always believed that if we can strengthen the bond between life partners, we can strengthen the family unit. Once we moved back to Utah, I began to further my Emotion Focused Therapy training. Emotion focused therapy with couples has become my primary focus in my therapeutic work. And even when I am working with individuals, I see them in the relationships that they have in their lives. Check out the videos on my website for more information on EFT and how it might impact your life and relationships

Now I have returned to Cache Valley to set up roots for my family and give them a similar life to the one I so loved as a kid. Cache Valley Counseling is excited to have doors open and ready to help you improve your relationships and create the life that you want for yourself. As owner, I am excited to be able to provide a service to the area that hopefully, you will take advantage of.

My hope for this blog is to help you learn more about the importance of emotions in all of our lives and also to provide “tips and tricks” that will help you achieve your life goals and live the life you choose.

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