Enjoy Empty Nesting

Have you raised all of your kids and now find yourself exhausted, looking at your spouse wondering “do we still like each other? Or do we have anything in common anymore?” Do you ever wonder if your marriage could use a “tune up”? For so many years you put so much effort into your kids and more often than not took the divide and conquer stance with your partner in the hopes of maybe getting a few hours of sleep before you had to wake up and do the daily grind all over again.

This next stage or as some people call it “the second honeymoon” can be an absolute joyous time of life. However, many couples find themselves struggling to feel needed, to feel wanted by their spouse, or find themselves so busy with finally doing the things that have been put off for 20-30 years to raise a family that their relationship is once again on the back burner.

Here are 3 tips to help you enrich YOUR second honeymoon:

1: Create a partner-focused marriage. For many years, finances, kids, work have often received the focus and attention of one or both partners. Now is the time to reinvest in your marriage. Spend time together, dating one another as you did at the start of your relationship.

2: Focus on your love life. The assumption goes that the older you get, the less interested in sex people become. However, research shows that sexual satisfaction actually increases with the number of years married. There are no kids in the house now so take your time and enjoy making love with your partner. Think of it as a stroll instead of a sprint.

3: Connect with other empty-nesters and have fun together. Often you can relate to each other and find it enjoyable to spend time with others with whom you share this stage of life. Take trips together, make memories, and mentor other couples as they transition into this stage as well.

The empty nest years do not have to be a time or loneliness or struggle. They can be incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. If you are finding yourself struggling in this stage of life, I encourage you reach out. At Cache Valley Counseling we specialize in couples counseling for all stages of the marriage life cycle and we would love to help you increase the connection between you and your spouse.

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