How To Tell The Difference Between Normal Worrying And Anxiety

We all experience stress. Did you know there is a difference in how we experience stress? Stress is not always a “bad” thing. In fact there are two types of stress, Eustress and Distress.

Eustress is the positive way we feel stress. It motivates us and drives us to action. An example might be going to school and taking a test. When we understand the content and enjoy the subject we are often motivated to study for the exam.


Distress is the negative experience of stress. We become so overwhelmed that it feels impossible to even start preparations or even begin the journey of conquering the task.

Normal worrying is eustress. It’s stress that motivates to perform, to get things done, helps us to stay on top of daily tasks. Distress is overwhelming and debilitating. When we stay in a state of distress for too long we can develop cognitions or thought processes that make it difficult to feel “normal” again. Patterns of anxious thinking can begin to occur and take over our thought process. This isn’t altogether terrible but when you notice the following signs happening in your life, please reach out for help:

Habit changes

if you notice your eating or sleeping patterns have changed, this is a good indicator that you are experiencing some sort of discomfort in your life. Although this isn’t the only indication that you may need to reach for help, it is a pretty good start that something is amiss and needs a little extra attention in y  klour life.


Avoiding regular activities, family, friends

If you find yourself avoiding acquaintances or going places where you may have to interact with someone, please know that you are not alone. Please keep looking for opportunities that you can be involved with those people and activities in which you enjoy. Use relationships and activities as a way to recharge and refuel instead of weighing you down.  Counseling can be a great way not only to get that vital human interaction, but also a way to help get you back to your normal rhythms.

Increased negative talk

When we create space in our minds for negative self talk, we create room for negativity that is hard to see past. It becomes easier to look at all of the negative that happens in life instead of to see the good or even the potential for good. If you are getting stuck in negative self talk, it might be time to reach out for a little more support.


Be kind to yourself and find support that helps uplift and inspire you to keep pushing through those hard, distressing moments in life. Because it’s not a matter of IF they will come but WHEN. Being able to recognize when we may be getting stuck is the most important. If you or someone you care about is in any of these patterns please follow-up with a professional; at Cache Valley Counseling we are happy to chat with you to see where you’re at.