47 Fun Family Summer Activities in Logan


“Help! It’s summertime and my kids are bored already!”

Do you ever wonder how you are going to entertain your kids today? Sometimes it’s hard thinking of something to do. Here’s a list of a whole lot of things you can do this summer in Cache Valley:

Aggie Ice Cream - This is probably my favorite thing - good, tasty, Cache Valley made ice cream. There’s even a video on the website to see their latest remodel in action to show your kids before getting ice cream. http://www.aggieicecream.usu.edu/

American West Heritage Center - Anything and everything ranging from baby animal days, kids camps, pulling handcarts, a great way to learn about those who were here before us. https://www.awhc.org/

Beaver Mountain – A fun night up in the canyon! Have you ever slept in a yurt? It’s a fun experience and you can even fit up to 30 in this one. Plan a fun night with another family or two and get away for a day. http://www.skithebeav.com/c/mountain/summer-at-the-beav

Bounce and Slide – Are your kids FULL of energy that you need to get out? They can bounce and play and get that energy out here. Just remember to wear socks! http://www.thebouncenslide.com/

Cache Valley Antiques – Check out these American antiques and art. This is one the older kids may be interested in. https://cachevalleyantiques.com/

Cache Valley Visitors Bureau Calendar – This is a good one, really! This calendar is full of community events happening today, tomorrow, in a week. It’s great for planning fun family activities. https://www.explorelogan.com/calendar.html#/84318-hyde-park/all/today

Camping – We are surrounded by BEAUTIFUL land! There is plenty of space to camp on too. You can camp in your backyard, up the canyon, on the trampoline, in the living room. Most of those places are FREE too.  

Casper’s Ice Cream – Another satisfying Cache Valley original. Delicious ice cream and it’s fun to see where fat boys were created.  https://fatboyicecream.com/

Cherry Peak – There’s lots to do up here in the summer, including summer concerts the family would love! http://www.skicherrypeak.com/

Cinefour – This is one of the least expensive theaters in Logan! It has all the new movies and the tickets are only $4. http://walkercinemas.net/

Crimson Trail - Are you up for a hike? Big kids might enjoy the whole hike, younger kids may just want to do a little bit of it. Remember to take extra water bottles! https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/crimson-trail--5

Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum - This one is FREE too! It’s a fun museum where you and the kids can see old pioneer clothing and tools and learn more about Cache Valley’s pioneer heritage. http://cachedupmuseum.org/index.html

Drive through Logan Canyon - Okay, this one is BEAUTIFUL!! There are lots of trees, colors, mountains, the river. You can go all the way through the canyon or turn around when you need to. Along the way there are dams and hikes you can stop at too.

First Dam - A classic place to have a picnic, go fishing, take a little hike, canoe, play in the grass, and there’s a playground across the street. While you’re there, you’ll get the chance to see all the ducks and geese wading near the water's edge.

Family History - The Logan tabernacle has heaps of free classes to guide you in learning about your ancestors. This helps you learn a little more about where your family is from and who they are. There are even ways to find out how your related to your friends. https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/Logan_Utah_Family_History_Center/Class_Descriptions

Fun Park - Bowling, arcades, laser tag, soft jungle gym, pizza, you name it! http://cachevalleyfunpark.com/

Gardener’s Market - FREE it’s fun to check out all the different stands at the market. This one is on Saturdays near Main Street. https://www.explorelogan.com/calendar.html#/event/7776427-gardeners-market?location=84318-hyde-park&sections=all&date=today

Geology Museum - This one ROCKS! Literally! Your kids can tour the museum and learn all about the rocks in the mountains, backyard, you name it! https://geo.usu.edu/information/geology-museum

Gossner’s - Say CHEESE! Squeaky cheese that is! There are even videos you can watch on their website to get a little Gossner’s prep before going in to taste their world famous squeaky cheese or buy a carton of root beer milk. https://gossner.com/plants/

Hardware Ranch - Hike, walks, and wildlife to see all around! https://wildlife.utah.gov/hardware-visit.html

Heber Hatchets - Have you ever thrown a hatchet at a target? Rumor has it, oftentimes girls figure out how to land the hatchet in the target before the guys do. http://www.heberhatchets.com/

Hyrum City Museum - This FREE experience was created to “preserve for the public benefit, the natural, historical, cultural, and artistic heritage of our region.” Your kids may have fun looking through their wide variety of exhibits.  http://hyrumcitymuseum.org/

Ice Skating - AKA making all of your Olympic Dreams come true. Even on a hot summer day, it’s chilly in there so take a jacket and gloves!  https://www.ecclesice.com/

Intermountain Herbarium - What do you know about plants? At USU’s Herbarium, you can see and learn about a variety of plants. http://www.herbarium.usu.edu/resources/learning_about_plants/index

Jardine Juniper Trail - This one is a longer hike. At the end there is a tree that’s estimated to have been around for 3,000+ years. Wow! https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/jardine-juniper

Jump Zone - Here your kids can jump around and really get their energy out. This place is full on trampolines, foam pits, and more to play on.  https://www.thejumpzonegetair.com/

Locked In- Get your thinking caps on gang. Here you and your group get the chance to solve mysteries in order to ESCAPE.  https://www.lockedinlogan.com/

Logan Aquatic Center - Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Water slides, diving board, L.A.C. has got it all. Your kids will loves a day at the pool - as long as you remember to bring sunscreen! https://www.loganutah.org/government/departments/parks_and_recreation/aquatic_center/

Logan Lanes - STRRRRIKE! Bowling, billiards, pizza and more here at Logan’s slickest lanes since 1959. You may even be able to go in and check out the valley’s finests bowlers during their evening bowling.  https://loganlanesinc.com/

Logan River Trail - This trail is perfect for walks, runs, bikes. Along your way you’ll see the old rail roads, golf course, and the chilly Logan River. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/logan-river-trail

Maverick Stadium - Where’s the safest place to go during a tornado? To Maverick Stadium - there hasn’t been a touchdown there in years! Haha, okay, okay that’s an old joke. The USU football teams is actually been doing really well these past few seasons! You can check out some of their games, the stadium, or the beautiful scenery around it. https://utahstateaggies.com/sports/2018/6/19/merlin-olsen-field-at-maverik-stadium.aspx

Mountain Valley Trout Farm – “You and me going fishing in the dark,” well actually in the daylight here. You can come and catch your own trout for dinner or catch and release the fish back into the pond. http://bearriverheritage.com/stories/mountain-valley-trout-farm/

Museum of Anthropology – This USU exhibit ranges from Egyptian artifacts to the Ice Man. It’s a fun way for your kids to see what’s the world was like way back when. http://anthropology.usu.edu/museum/museumtours

Mt. Naomi Farms - Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and more. Come ready to pick whichever tasty berries you want to buy from the patch. Be ready to leave with strawberry covered lips and sticky fingers, mmmm. https://mountnaomifarms.com/

Old Lyric Repertory Company - There’s a wide variety of shows to enjoy each week. Check out their calendar to find what you want to see this week. https://lyricrep.usu.edu/

Old Grist Mill - Okay, this place is another one of those Cache Valley classics. They have the best Cinnamon Drop Bread! Not to mention is a great place to grab some sandwiches (with a cookie and chips too!) if you’re headed to a picnic, on a hike, or just need a bite to eat. https://oldgristmillbreadcompany.com/

Pepperidge Farm - Okay we all know about goldfish, but do you know where they’re made. Right here at our own Pepperidge Farm! Come and get some really big bags of Goldfish, Milano cookies. Pastries and more. https://www.pepperidgefarm.com/

Skate Park - Even if you don’t skate, you can watch these skater and biker’s cool trick!

Summer Concert Series at the Logan Tabernacle - Feel free to take a beautiful walk around the Logan Tabernacle, then when it starts getting hot outside, steps inside for a nice summer concert at 12pm. Check out their calendar for specific dates. https://www.explorelogan.com/calendar.html#/event/7811284-tabernacle-summer-concert-series?location=84318-hyde-park&sections=all&date=today

Stoke Nature Center - Great place to learn more about Cache Valley’s beautiful nature and environment. There are community programs, kids camps, nature preschool, and canyon jams. http://logannature.org/

Temple –This is a beautiful historic building that you can walk around. The grounds are always well kept with seasonal flowers and beauty. The gates are open Tuesday-Saturdays.

Utah State - There are fun activities happening all the time up at USU. They have geocaching for the family, plays, kids camps, tours, and more. https://www.usu.edu/calendar/?audience=5

Utah Theatre - Now here’s a cool theater! It’s an old playhouse turned movie theater on select nights. They have fun shows each week from silent films to Star Wars. http://theutahtheatre.org/

Walk Through Downtown Logan - Window shopping, street lights, and more. Enjoy a lovely walk through the historic building that became “Downtown Logan.”

White Pine Lake - If you or your kids aren’t up for this beautiful hike, no worries! There is a lake at the mouth of the canyon with a beautiful scenery. Take some paddle  boards, a picnic, and sunscreen. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/white-pine-lake

Wind Caves - This one is labeled as the #1 hike in Logan. The wind has formed the caves at the top (hence the name “Wind Caves”) and provides a beautiful mountain view. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/wind-cave-trail

Zootah at Willow Park - Parrots, turtles, monkeys, peacocks, and so much more! Maybe your kids can even teach the parrot a word or two! https://zootah.org/

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