10 Mother's Day Gifts You Can Put Together TODAY

Are you looking for a gift for mom on the day before Mother’s Day?
Or maybe on Mother’s Day itself. No worries! We’ve got you! Sharing gifts with
mom (and your wife) is a great way to show her you love her and strengthen your marriage
and family. Here are some fun ideas of gifts you can do from home:


52 Things I love About You Cards

Tell your mom/wife how much you love her. Make a list of 52 things you love about her and glue it to a deck of cards. Use a hole punch or nail to make holes and tie it with some ribbon or add some book rings to finish it off.



A Clean Kitchen or House

Send mom to bed early or out for the night so you can get to work. Do the dishes, clean the kitchen, the living room, oh and maybe the bathrooms too! Mom will appreciate the cleaning you do!


Words to Describe Mom

If you want to be crafty, type words that describe Mom (or cut out words from a magazine!) and glue them to a piece of paper. If you have a frame, you can frame it too to finish it off. You can also put it on the fridge or mom’s dresser to give her a little daily reminder of what she means to you.



A Foot Rub, YAY!

People are on their feet all day long, moms especially. This, hands down, is always my mom’s favorite gift. You can even add to it and give mom a nice lotion to rub her feet with.


Write Mom a Poem

Poems can be long,
Or even a short Haiku.
It’s all up to you.



A Coupon Book

Mom’s do a lot for everyone. For Mother’s Day let’s do something for her! Have each kid write some services they want to do for mom. Then, mom can use the coupons whenever she wants to. My mom always liked the one that said, “Clean my room without complaining.”


Pick Flowers for Mom

Do you have any flowers growing in your yard, a field, or mountains near you? Pick some flowers for mom and put them in a vase or jar with water to keep them fresh.



Write Notes or Draw Pictures for Mom

Sometimes we get so busy throughout the day that we forget to tell mom how much we appreciate what she does and who she is.
Let her know how you feel about her.


Make Breakfast

This is a great way to start off the day and let Mom know you’re thinking of her.



Date Nights for Mom

Dad, you’re going to need to help out on this one. Help each of the kids plan dates to take mom on over the next few weeks. While each kid gets their time with mom, you can help by watching the other kids.

Thank your mom’s for all they do. Have a Happy MOTHER’S DAY!!!