Stay at Home Parent, CEO, or so much more?

(2-3 minute read)

When you think of a Stay at Home-Parent (SAHP), what do you think?

The stereotype is that because a SAHP is home all day, they have plenty of time to get ready and have all the laundry done every single day. There is also never a crumb on the floor, the ceilings are dusted, and dinner is always perfect, right? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

But they’re home all day, so why don’t those things get done?

From my observations, a SAHP is relatable to a CEO. Let’s see if they really are the same.

What does a CEO even do?

According to Investopedia, the CEO is the one who:

  • makes major decisions

  • manages the overall operations and resources of a company

  • deals with decisions that direct the company’s overall growth

  • they are hands’ on and involved with day-to-day functions

  • a CEO can set the tone, vision, and culture of their organizations

Is a Stay At Home Parent (SAHP) really like a CEO?

Okay, now let’s reword that a little and see how a SAHP is seen as a CEO of the family. An SAHP:

  • makes major decisions affecting the family

  • manages the overall operations and resources of the family

  • deals with decisions that direct the family’s overall growth

  • they are hands on and involved with the family and children’s day-to-day functions

  • a SAHP sets the tone, vision, and culture of their family

Wow! Parents sure do a lot! Why do people forget how much a SAHP does? Rather than “staying at home all day,” that parent is working the day away as the family CEO, while having spaghetti thrown at their face – not many business CEO’s have that experience on the daily.

The SAHP also helps the kids get ready (CEO’s are lucky they only have to deal with employees after they’ve picked out their clothes and had breakfast).

A CEO doesn’t have to clean up their employees’ sports gear, homework, sticky fingers, brush their hair, wipe their bum, or deal with tantrums in the middle of Walmart - but a SAHP does have to deal with that. And that SAHP does that every single day.

Not only is a SAHO like the family’s CEO, they are so much more.

Those parents need a raise, a big high five, a moment for themselves, and some praise.

Parents, thanks for all that you do!