Breathing For Anxiety Course

How to better manage your anxiety by using one of the most effective (and readily accessible) tools you have….your OWN body


Have you ever experienced?

  • Inability to enjoy social or group settings

  • Performance anxiety whether in the classroom, workroom, or playing field

  • Shutting down in high stress situations

  • Unable to control your thoughts or physical responses

This six week course is designed specifically for folks who have had anxiety take control of aspects of their lives.  Each week you will learn and practice techniques you can use to tap into one of the greatest anti-anxiety treatments around...your breath.  Below is the description of the six sessions:

Week 1: Focus on noticing the breath and having basic consciousness of your breath. We'll also learn 5 different methods for helping the breath get slower and deeper.

Week 2: As we notice the breath and guide it, it can take form in our body. We'll experience the ways it can take shape in our bodies.

Week 3: Here we'll start to use slightly more advanced breathing techniques and focus on how the breath can aid our thoughts.

Week 4: Now, we'll take these breathing techniques a bit further and learn how to transform the relationship of our breath. We can use it to serve us according to our needs. These techniques will give us more control of our breath.

Week 5: Here, we'll revisit previous techniques, while adding on with a couple new steps. Again, we'll focus efforts on letting the breath direct and help our thoughts to be calmer. 

Week 6: This class will be slightly different. Throughout the course, we'll have learned how to use the breath to find some stillness in the mind. Now, we'll tie that all together for Yoga Nidra, which is a deep meditation on the body and the breath.

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