Courtney Elmer, Undergraduate Intern


Courtney is currently a student at BYU-Idaho and will be graduating this summer with her BS in Marriage and Family Studies. During her schooling, she has especially enjoyed learning about Family Relations, Family Stress and Coping, and Child and Family Advocacy.

Courtney is a born and raised Cache Valley girl. Over the past few years she has lived in places like Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Ogden, Utah, and the Philippines, and still, Cache Valley and its beautiful mountain range will always be her favorite place to come home to.

She and her husband love to BBQ, mountain bike, travel, really do anything that means they get some quality time together. She’s also currently trying to peak her husband’s interest in reading just for fun so they can add that to the list.

Throughout her life, her friends dubbed her as the good listener in the group and always called her when they needed someone to talk to. They called Courtney their therapist. After working as a cosmetologist for a couple years, she realized her favorite part of the job was talking with and listening to her clients. Fast forward to now, that ability to listen and the joy of working with others is part of her drive to further her education and become a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Courtney’s fascination with Marriage and Family Therapy began with the recognition of the strength that families bring to a society. She sees her future as a Marriage and Family Therapist as a way to aid couples, individuals, and families to learn how to create healthy patterns and coping strategies to get through the difficulties they face.