Family Therapy

In our families we are all meant to be loved and accepted unconditionally. Unfortunately, for reasons sometimes unforeseen, that feeling of safety in our family gets disrupted. The goal of family therapy is to help each member feel safe and secure within the family bond. We utilize attachment theory to discover how each person fits within the family dynamic and which family and personal needs are or are not being met.

The goal of family therapy is to help each person feel like they have a place within the family unit and feels safe and secure. This in turn decreases tension and conflict within all relationships within the family.

Whatever the source, distressing family dynamics can greatly interfere with the functioning of every family member, including extended family, although those living in the same household are likely to be impacted more significantly than those who live apart. When family members do not get along, the tension can impact each family member’s mental and physical health, relationships, and even his or her capacity for routine tasks. Evidence of family problems can materialize through repeated family conflicts, dramatic behavioral shifts in children and adolescents, mood swings and depression.

Fortunately, resolving family issues require the cooperation of everyone in the family, and this provides a great opportunity to strengthen family ties and interactions. At Cache Valley Counseling we are here to help you strengthen the bond within your family.