Heather Ballingham, ACMHC


Education& Affiliations

Masters of Clinical Mental Health - University of Phoenix, 2016
Bachelors of Heath Education - BYU, 1997
Associate licensed in Utah

Heather’s clinical experience includes outpatient settings, substance abuse clinics, at-risk adolescents, family services and private practice.  Specialties include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, job-related difficulties and career related issues, life transitions, adolescents and children.

Working with Families & Individuals

I have always been fascinated with the dynamics of families.  I began my graduate work with the desire to work with families and children.  I believe that the family unit is essential in our lives and is responsible for 90% of our happiness or sadness. Family relationships are intense and real.  

We are all part of a family, therefore we all know the emotions and struggles experienced.  Each of us has a role to play, some we chose like a parent, spouse, partner; there are many we didn’t chose like a daughter/son, grandchild, grandparent, sister or brother, aunt/uncle. Each of these roles have responsibilities and emotions attached to them. 

It breaks my heart to see couples struggle and end in divorce.  However, I also believe divorce is not always a bad thing either.  There are many tools to help, and I love helping others find what works for them, explore their emotions and guide them through difficult times. 

I have struggled in marriage and family personally, it is where my passion for counseling began.  I also have a son with severe autism and other mental and physical struggles, which is difficult for any family.  I married again years after my divorce. My husbands wife died of cancer, and my husband abandoned our family.  I now have eight children in a crazy blended family.  (A little crazy makes it fun) I have experienced the pain of divorce, a child’s loss and sense of not belonging, and the heartache of a child with disabilities.  I have made mistakes and also triumphed in adversity, both have given me the ability to be a passionate and effective therapist.