Julie Dymock, AMFT



Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

Bachelor’s Degree in Family, Consumer and Human Development


I love people and I am passionate about mental and emotional health! I am prepared to help clients with a wide variety of needs, including life transitions, mental illness, stress, early-release missionaries, and couples/relationship challenges. 

My first goal in therapy is to create a safe place for my clients to receive the support and care they need. It takes courage to come in for counseling and I honor the process of building trust as we work together. I have seen first-hand the transformation in my clients as they have bravely faced challenges of every kind - from anxieties and addictions to depression and divorce.  When life’s problems feel insurmountable, people often feel stuck. So therapy provides a fresh view, a clear perspective, and the support necessary to make positive changes in their lives. It is amazing to be part of this journey! 

My counseling focus includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) while looking for deeper emotional connections. Together we explore how your core beliefs impact your thoughts, feelings and actions. In addition, as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT), I recognize that your connections with other people matter deeply and your relationships impact your overall well-being. Therefore, I focus on how you fit in with the people around you (your family, spouse/partner, children, work associates, etc.). When clients gain conflict resolution and communication skills, healing begins to take place in their relationships. It is a marvelous, liberating process.  I love working with couples, and I am passionate about Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  It is an evidence-based form of therapy,  which focuses on our need for connection with each other.  Mindfulness (relaxation and breathing) is also a key aspect of my therapeutic practice. Helping your body and mind calm down helps healing to take place.

In addition to my professional training as an AMFT, I bring a great deal of life experience to my therapy practice. My husband and I have been married 38 years and we have five children and 14+ grandchildren (yes, I am that old).  So, I have had some real hands-on experience in the trenches of marriage and parenting! I also have personal experience from my own journey with emotional well-being that has carved within my heart a deep compassion for others with similar challenges.  As such, I believe in being “real” in session. I will travel with you on your journey of self-discovery. Together, we will work through your challenges so you can experience greater happiness in your personal life and relationships. 

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