Sadie Croshaw 


  • Minor in Yoga from Utah State University

  • 200-hour RYT

  • Prenatal and Post-Partum Yoga

  • Trauma Camp

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga Training

  • CPR/AED/First-Aid Certified

Therapeutic Yoga

I’m Sadie Croshaw. I graduated from USU with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Yoga. I’ve practiced yoga for many years, but my training at USU really deepened my understanding of yoga. I knew as soon as I got into the yoga program that I wanted to do more than teach at gyms. I wanted to work in a more clinical environment, so I’m enormously thrilled to be a part of the Cache Valley Counseling team! I thrive as a teacher when it involves researching. I’m constantly learning about different conditions and mental illness and such so that I can cater my teaching to specific needs.

The more study I’ve done, the more I’ve realized how effective yoga can be in working through a wide array of mental, emotional, and physical challenges. Healing from trauma, parenting with more compassion, finding healthy ways for children to channel their energy, feeling relief during pregnancy or motherhood, navigating difficult transitions, and utilizing safe and healthy tools for dealing with mental illness.

When people tell me about their experience with yoga, they generally say something like, “I just had no idea what I was doing.” One of my main goals is for each client to build confidence. It’s time we all ended the cycles of self-destruction that riddle our lives with dissatisfaction and shame. With that in mind, I assure that my clients understand the poses by taking a slowed down approach, clearly explaining each pose.

It’s also important when using yoga for working through emotional and mental challenges that we feel protected. My clients are given a safe, secure space to explore their own being. I care about building a relationship of trust with each of my clients so they can feel that the space is full of pure intentions and zero judgment. Each client also always has the choice to receive physical adjustments. They’re given an adjustment marker with a check mark on one side and an “x” on the other to signify whether they want adjustments or not.

Above all, I help my clients simply meet their own being. Most of us have never learned to hear, respond to, and care for our bodies. We’re usually too busy criticizing, unfortunately. Instead, I help my clients fortify a strong and healthy relationship with their bodies where love, appreciation, and respect are present. Too often, we limit yoga to a form of exercise or stretching. Yoga is much richer, more beneficial, and more complex than that. It’s thrilling to discover yoga’s impact on each individual when the practice is done intelligently, and I hope I’m able to share with you what I’ve learned and am continuing to learn!