Therapeutic Yoga


Have you ever experienced…

  • Difficulty breathing when your anxiety kicks in?

  • Trouble controlling your thought processes?

  • Not being able to shut your brain down to fall asleep?

  • A feeling of disconnect from your body?

  • Uncontrollable building of emotions that can result in “Rage,” “Despair,” or “Deep Sadness”?

  • Loathing your own body image?

Most people think these experiences are completely out of their control, that it is a life sentence they just “have to live with,” or maybe with enough time it will “magically” just go away...  But six months later they wake up and are still dealing with the same lack of control.

Does that sound like you?

Another scenario we often hear is that people talk to a trusted friend or family member who says “I saw this thing on Youtube or Instagram you should try.”  But six weeks later you are still in the same situation, perhaps even more frustrated.

Has that ever happened to you?

If any of this sounds like you we would love to invite you to take a closer look at how therapeutic Yoga can help you.  Please keep reading to learn more about this unique approach.

How can therapeutic Yoga help you?

Mental and emotional health are closely tied to your physical awareness and well-being.  Our unique Yoga approach uses one of the best tools for regulating mental and emotional health….your own body.  Between group classes and individual sessions, we have options that can meet anyone’s needs.

Group Classes

These classes take place over the course of a few weeks, progressively building from session to session.  We keep the groups small to allow for plenty of individualized attention. Each of the different class offerings are built to address a specific need. The skills you learn then become tools you can use on your own. Check them out to see which one fits you:

Individual Sessions

These 1:1 sessions allow for a deeply personalized approach.  They take place in an extremely safe and private setting creating an environment where you, your mind, and your body can create a deep connection without the distraction of others.


You may be thinking “I have never done Yoga,” “I am not very flexible,” “Yoga is some floofy thing for hippies.”

These are all valid reasons to be a little bit apprehensive about doing Yoga. And I am sure there are quite a few classes out there that would not be a good fit for you. But if you are looking for an active way to:

  • Calm your racing mind

  • Feel “normal” or “at ease” in social interactions

  • Be able to “turn down” to get rest at night

  • Love, or even just “like” your own body

  • Have more connection with your physical surroundings

We can tailor an experience for you to comfortably use the tools in Yoga to make this a reality. Sadie does an awesome job slowing down the process for beginners, but also has the chops to ramp things up for any of you Yogi’s out there.